Friday, February 26, 2016

The Different ME so far in 2016

Hello Everyone!

Geez it has been a minute since I had a chance to speak with you guys! Certainly I hope all is well. I have been busy which is the main reason for my absence. Largely been busy restarting and reworking me. Ive talked before about you being your most important project. So going into 16 I thought about the things I either need to do differently or the things I need to get back to in order to be my best self. Its always a combination of those two ideas. Looking at where ever you are in life, there are some things you do that have helped you get there. The other side of that coin is there are things that you are doing (or not doing) that are holding you back from being the best and getting to your dream. So here are some of the adjustments I am making

-Getting up early
Ive adopted the 5AM concept into my life. Simply put my first alarm Monday through Saturday is always at 4:45AM. The idea being that even if I snooze once, I am on my feet at 5AM. This is such a basic one and when you look at biographies of successful people in various fields they all talk about this with some getting up even earlier. I may graduate to that point but for now getting up that early gives me more day to get more stuff done.

-Morning rituals
Your habits are who you are to a large extent. At the least, they can be key to you getting where you want to go. I have to thank good ole Tony Robbins for getting me to focus on this one. For me they get me in the right mindset to start my day. Mine is simple so far. Get up, Pray and be thankful for a few minutes. A guided meditation from you tube, review my most pressing goals. It does not take long

-Read more
For the last few years I haven't had a book goal per se, just read as I like. I need to get more new knowledge in so my goal for this year is 3 new books per month. Ill likely mix in a few re reads of books but people who do big things constantly invest in their minds as well as their bodies..which leads me to...

-Going back to real running, Muay Thai, BJJ as fitness
Weight rooms are nice and I feel they should be a part of a full fitness. At the same time, the best shape of my life has always been when martial arts was my core workout. If you run marathons, pilates or yoga..props to you. For me, being in fight shape at whatever age you are is the highest form of fitness

If I can do these things and take even more risk this year, my belief is that I can get somewhere. When I get there ill sure thank you guys who stayed with me on this crazy journey.

Also, I'm probably going to move to wordpress soon.

Be your best...every day all the time and get a little better each day

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