Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art is life and YOUR life is art

Happy Summer Everybody!

Good to talk to you all again. Before I start on this post let me remind you all that its time to hit the gym hard so that you can hit the beach even harder. :)

Recently, I lent my acting skills to an art project. Not an art project in the sense that all film/TV/theatre is art but an actual art project destined to show at museums and art galleries. Instead of a director I worked closely with the artist as it was her artistic vision that I was cast to help bring to life. What is the project, you ask? She is sharing a point of view on US political elections and the campaign process. Its going to combine still images, some campaign posters and this video of this hot actor guy giving a political stump speech :)

Anyhow, the important part of this story is here. We got talking during the filming of my piece of this project and we started talking about art and being an artist. The artist on this project has been a physical artist her whole life. Started studying it in her early teen years and continued on through various art academies. We talked about actors, painters, musicians, athletes and even bus drivers. During the conversation she made an excellent point...

Everyone is an artist or can be in their own way.

How very true! Everything we do can be done with artistry and skill and the joy that an artist has when expressing themselves. You don't have to paint or sing. You can be a bus driver and still command the wheel and the streets as if you are conducting the LA Philharmonic.

We all do different things with our lives. Office jobs, sports jobs, law enforcement jobs etc. When you boil down the word artist, in a general sense, it means A person who's work exhibits exceptional skill. I am challenging YOU (since you did read this) to look at everything you do from your professional life through your personal life and look for opportunities to be an artist. You don't have to sculpt to be an artist. You can wait tables and do it with artistry. Whatever you do, do it with exceptional skill and watch how life will seem just a little bit brighter

Quote for the week

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what they think into it"

Have a great week y'all!