Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Less and more...or defeating your main opponent

Happy Cinco de Mayo guys,

Since I haven't put anything out in a while I don't have a lot of lead up..just thoughts that go through my head as I'm trying to get to the next level of things. Most of this is stuff I say to myself as I'm working to improve me and my situation..

Less whining...more working
Less excuses...more accountability
Less stress...more focus
Less tears..more blood and sweat
Less prove em wrong...more prove YOU right
Less complaining...more enthusiasm
Less defeats...more training and prep
Less sizzle...more steak
Less of the bad you..more of the best you
Less thinking...MORE ACTION
Less limits...more unlimited belief
Less reminiscing...more of you in this moment

The battle is always with yourself guys. I can certainly attest to that. There are no shortcuts to mastering you or your universe but you can do it so long as you do less of the self destructive stuff and more of the dynasty building stuff

Quote for today "Stop whining about the career, body, family or money you don't have and DO SOMETHING about it...everyday"

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