Wednesday, March 22, 2017

First quarter checkin..or What do you need to do better to have that big year

Hello Heroes!

Hope all is well with you in all things professional and personal. Its late March which means 2 things 1. The NCAA tourney is in full swing and. most importantly, 2 We are nearing the end of the first quarter of the year.

 Some of you don't like to look at the year this way..that's totally fine. For others, it may help to divide the year up like this to keep you on track. Said another way, if you look at the first quarter and you aren't quite living up to your own expectations you can refocus and still have an amazing rest of the year. One of my big points this year is no more wasted in the spirit of that lets talk about how to maximize the rest of the year

Take a look at your current self

I'm big on the idea that the best version of you is all you need to be. You cant likely achieve that in 3 months but if this is the year you want to commit to that process, you need to check yourself and your habits to see that they are synced up. Write down some of the most important best self items and see how your doing

You want to learn a language                 How many language lessons have you completed so far?
Be the fittest version of you                   How many workouts per week?
Smartest Version                                    How many books so far this year?
Best romantic partner                             What new things are you doing for them?

These are some of my items that I'm working on. When I grade myself on those items the results are mixed. Ive read 6 new books this year and I'm averaging 4-5 workouts a week which is good. I haven't been consistent on the other two items which is not so good. The point of this simple exercise is that I can now look at my schedule and say "Ok self..i need to allocate more time to these items"

After doing this, the only goal is to make sure that my next 3 months match the goals that I have with the corresponding ACTIONS to help me be that best self. Take a look at what you have done to improve yourself this year...if you haven't done enough, recognize that, own that and DO MORE

Its hard work guys but you will never regret time and effort spent on improving yourself and your life. 

Keep grinding guys!


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