Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It can ALWAYS be better or worse & staying positiv

Happy Fall gang!

Good to speak with you all. If you have any friends and family on the east coast, I hope they are all safe. Today I'm giving away one of my biggest keys to staying positive.

Recently I picked up a new friend on facebook. I realize this isn't exactly a news flash in 2012. I have been friends with this person in real life before facebook (which might be more of a news flash) and recently I saw them for the first time since becoming FB friends. As we were parting company she asked me "How the heck do you stay so positive on facebook?" Thanks for giving me a great blog post idea..

Life perspective of Better and Worse

Being positive comes from within..like all your magical powers (we all have them) and is a formula comprised of many things. One specific key that helps me stay positive is a statement my long term friends have heard me say many times.. "It can ALWAYS be better/worse".  No matter what happens to you in any moment, you can look at the situation and remind yourself of that undeniable fact to help bring some perspective to your short term success, failure, trouble or triumph. When things aren't going so well it is easy to see how this can help. When some crazy driver smashes into your brand new bright red Ferrari..and you are screaming at them and cursing your luck, remember, it could always be worse. You could be looking at your smashed Ferrari from a stretcher being carried by paramedics. Lets not even think about how much worse that scenario could get for you. Those times when you don't have quite as much money as you want, need, or deserve..could always be worse. Someone else is probably doing unspeakable things in order to get that money. The kind of things that you can never get away from in your own mind no matter how good the money might be. That you aren't doing those things can help calm your mind, relax and keep going in a positive direction with your actions and thoughts. For us actors, that time you didn't book that part and you see another actor get the guest-star role on ABC that you wanted definitely sucks. At the same time, it could be worse, there is some person who isn't even in Hollywood who watches that show and their heart breaks because acting is what they know they should be doing. You guys get the point on how it helps when times are rough...

How can this help me go from positive to MEGA-positive? No matter how good it is, it could always be better. Some time from now, Sony pictures will be paying me 7 figures to film an awesome movie in an exotic and great location. Sounds great right? Heck yeah it does. But It could always be better... I could be doing the same thing except its a film I wrote and I am an executive producer on the project. EVEN BETTER. When you realize that a good situation could be better you do 2 things 1. You validate the work and steps you have taken to get where you are and 2 You realize that there is more work to do and you can do EVEN MORE THAN YOU THOUGHT BEFORE. Sure, celebrate a little bit along the way but for you to reach your greatness, you have to keep pushing your talents and self to new limits. Doing so with a positive attitude will make your work light and your journey FUN! That's what I'm in this crazy life for...to have fun.

Motivational quote of the day

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go"

Thanks guys for reading. Hit me up with any questions

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