Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simple ideas to make your 2013 GREAT

Happy New Year!!

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday. I want to first thank those people who asked about no posts in December :) With my birthday and the holiday season I feel like people have important stuff to do with their families and loved ones as opposed to reading what I have to say. That said, the moviestar chronicle isn't going anywhere!! I'm going to continue to write about my journey as an actor and positive views on life and success for a long time. I expect this year to be the biggest year yet for my acting career (hear that, acting gods?) so I'm looking forward to telling you more stories about that. Ideally, my last post might be the day I am nominated for an academy award. That would be an amazing culmination of this part of the story..but hey, who knows. I appreciate all of you for reading. BTW Check out the newly redesigned when you have time.

2013 is here which means we humans have been granted more time to pursue our respective dreams and destiny! Gosh..I LOVE new years. I purposely didn't want to write to you on Jan 1 because I didn't want to get caught up in the "resolution crowd". I believe new years resolutions DON'T work. Generally anything you decide to do after the 5 glass of champagne wont last. So now a few days into the year, lets talk about how you and I are going to make this the best of 2013. I am big on goal setting and you can find that information in the archives. Take a look and set some goals. Today isn't as formal and regimented as that. Today is about a few simple ideas that will put you in a position to have a much better year this year than last. If you can add these simple things to your life plan..good stuff will come..I promise :)

1. Find one new-old thing each month to be thankful for

You arent the first or only person to take things for granted. Its a bad habit we all have. Sometimes by going against a bad habit, the result can be immediately positive. We all have things that dont go our wont always get the job, house, car, boy/girl, award that you want. Its easy to focus on this. So easy that we forget whats going RIGHT in our lives. So grab your calendar and set a recurring event each month to find something in your life to be thankful for. Acknowledge it..say it out loud and then write it down in a journal or notepad. Nothing long, just a couple of sentences. Later in the year you will enjoy reviewing what you are thankful for.

2. Resolve unfinished business with at least 1 friend and 1 family member

This is a pretty vague one..but its intended to be. You have friends and family members with whom you have something important to deal with. If you are honest with yourself, you can probably think of more than 2 right now. Deal with those people! If you have to apologize, do that. If you are going to demand an apology, do that. If you need to say something to them that weighs on your mind, do it and get that weight off of your mind. The action from your end may be positive or negative and the resolution, through their response, may be positive or negative. That is fine. You guys will have a better relationship going forward and you can turn your mind towards other things. I realize we all have more than 2 people in this category. If you are so motivated to deal with more..great. Just 2 will be a big improvement

3. Identify and do 1 specific thing that will move your career/job forward

I'm an actor. Some of you are portfolio managers, accountants, car salesmen and teachers. We are all responsible for knowing our respective industries and jobs. Most of us have high aspirations and want to continue to move "up" in our fields. There are a lot of things that you need to do to make significant career jumps. Keep working on the "lot of things" but identify 1 specific thing that by itself would represent a step forward for you. I don't know all of your fields but for me, getting a 2-3 line part on a network TV show is 1 specific (and doable) thing that represents a step forward for me in my field. It will not mean I am a household name or rich and famous but if I can do that this year, I will have taken a step forward. There are much bigger goals in my field, sure, but this small thing would make this year by definition better than last year. **For those that don't like their jobs at all..stay tuned for a full post this month to help you specifically.

4. Add one small weekly fitness item  this year

No surprise here, you guys know I believe in being as fit as you can be. Some of us get fit in the cage, some of us run marathons. You don't have to do either but add a little something to your current life to help get you into the mindset for fitness. Take the stairs. Walk a mile or two. Do 10 push ups and sit ups a night. Those small things by themselves wont get you in great shape but they will start to break down whatever barriers you have internally that prevent you from being in the best shape you can be in. It doesn't have to be something I pick..but you do have to pick something

5. Do one thing for fun each month

Easy right? Do one thing each month (set it on your calendar guys) with the only idea of it being fun. Not for competition, not for money or for your job. Just something that's fun for YOU. Even better if you search for new things that you haven't done before. Get friends and family involved or do it by yourself. Just anything that is so fun that it takes you out of your every day mind frame. it is you think is fun..make a little time for that.

**guys..all this stuff might take 1-2 days a month out of your oh so busy schedule. That's not much time when you really think about it. The rewards for you will be MUCH greater and you will have a better this year than last. Isn't that what we all want??

Quote to live by

"Instead of focusing on how much you can accomplish, focus on how much you can absolutely love what you’re doing"

Thanks for reading!! Happy 2013!