Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your Art and relation

Greetings everyone!

Happy end of summer. Time to get into the gym because next summer is right around the corner and I know you all want to look your best :)

Ill keep it short this week guys. Largely because its October and there is still time to re-focus on what you want to accomplish this year and make major progress towards it. That sort of refocus will help set you up to blast through your goals and change your life next year!! Yes I said change your life. That's for another post, but that's how I think every year. The work I put in this year can and will CHANGE MY LIFE :) All that said, let me get to the point..

Art and comfort do NOT coexist

Being an artist is great on many levels. Its a big challenge, a noble pursuit, a way I can express myself and help others. It requires me to use all of my energy and makes me constantly improve myself. On that level I have gotten more out of myself than I ever imagined. One thing being an artist is is NOT comfortable. Nor is it supposed to be.

To focus on the art of something means you have to leave some of the comfortable aspects of life behind. Sometimes that means not eating while I am pouring through a script and trying to understand a character. Sometimes that means night shoots that require you to be mentally and emotionally fresh at 3am. Painters, sculptors and music producers can all share experiences where it got uncomfortable while they were pursuing their art. Its part of the game. The positive thing is that as you are getting more UNcomfortable, you are freeing yourself and getting ready to create art. Said another way, when you start feeling uncomfortable you are closer to expressing the artistic truth that you are searching for. To do something artistically real and honest you have to put art first..ahead of comfort. You can be comfortable afterwards.

You guys already know my thoughts on this..EVERYONE is (or can be) an artist in their own realm. There is an artistic aspect to teaching or being a personal trainer or whatever you do. If you pursue what you do and put it first, above your own comfort, you will see all the rewards that come with being one of the best artists in your respective field. I cant speak for you but that's what I want to be.

Don't worry about comfort guys. Not when you are doing your work. Just pursue your type of art with all your might. While you are training, acting, cage fighting, painting, teaching or working in the lab..put your work first..and it will put you first down the line!

Motivational quote of the week....

Enter every activity without giving mental recognition to the possibility of defeat. Concentrate on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses… on your powers, instead of your problems.

Thanks for reading!