Friday, November 30, 2012

Holidays for the artist.and family.

Happy holidays guys!

As always I hope this message reaches you in good health and spirits. I hope you all had plenty of family and food around you at thanksgiving. On a personal note, I have just hired a new manager to help me get my career moving forward. Ken, I am excited to work with you. For all of you readers, stay tuned for a revamp of my blog and website.

My parents gave me so much wisdom. I believe my fundamental advantage in life is not having movie star good looks :) or being tall..its that I had a mom and dad who cared about me. They care about me and support me to this day. Its something I don't appreciate enough some times. The holidays can be tough on us not so famous artists. Why? Because you answer more questions from family that you know, and love, regarding the lack of your name on the Box Office. First of all, to all those families out there, it is COMPLETELY FAIR for you to ask those questions. If the starving artists cant deal with that part of the game then they have bigger issues. More importantly we want to know that you care about us! Those questions about "how come you don't see us on TMZ" means you are wondering how we are doing. It makes us feel like we are not out here all alone. Your spirits and energy are with us. We can feel feels great when you tap into that force. All artists should do this more often.

For the artist..answer every one of these questions. They don't expect you to be famous over night..they just want to make sure your heart is in the game. And it is..right?? Exactly. These aunts and uncles care about you and want you to live your dream. They do NOT want you to fail. When you take a moment and realize that, all the questions should get a little smile from you inside. Believe me, your agent, producer friend, manager or studio head wont ask these questions. Enjoy the love and feel the love.

I already know that my ENTIRE FAMILY will be there on my first headlining red carpet with the intent to have a ball. When that happens, ill feel all that love

Be thankful for your close people this holiday season. This is probably the most important thing I've ever said on this blog :)


"Live with no excuses and love with no regrets"

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